NOTE: This is the list of voice actors on the MJdogpound channel. This does not include voice claims or other channel's dubs. This also includes characters that are in side comics.

[F] - Female

[M] - Male

[N] - Gender Neutral/Fluid/We just don't know we give up on their gender

OPEN - This character does not have a set voice actor, but really needs one.

OPEN for tryouts - This character has a set voice actor, but if somebody with a more fitting voice comes along, we'll be happy to let them voice the character.

Feel free to tryout for multiple characters, but don't feel bad if you don't get accepted.


Main Cast (Green-Hearts) Edit

 [F] Serana - Mandy

[M] Makoto - Alex

[M] Comet - OPEN

-We're not really looking for anything specific

[F] Sai - OPEN

-Deep feminine voice, a bit creepy

[M] Duncan - OPEN

-Hot-headed male fighter voice

[F] Aku - Haru 

[F] Doffy - Haru

[M] Vrede - OPEN

-Nerdy voice, perhaps a little high pitched but not overbearingly female

Main Antagonists Edit

 [F] Skuda - OPEN

 -Raspy, female voice

[M] Cama - OPEN 

-Deep, masculine voice 

[N] Mishi - OPEN 

-Any voice that sounds somewhat gender neutral tbh 

Other Human Interps. Edit

[F] Elena - OPEN

-Rough and tough tomboy voice

[F] Ning - OPEN

-Nasally 'nerd voice'

[F] Anichka - OPEN

-Overall feminine voice

[M] Manalo - OPEN

-Masculine voice, Spanish accent

Extra OCs Edit

[F] Soliel - OPEN

-'evil' female voice

[F] Luna - OPEN

-Adult, feminine heroine voice

[F] Astrid - Mandy

[F] Mel - Ashe (OPEN for tryouts)

[F] Belle - Kenzie (OPEN for tryouts)

[M] Aoba - OPEN

-Young male voice

Teachers Edit

[M] Mr. Washku - OPEN

-"Authority figure" type voice

[M] Mr. Fuku - OPEN

-Old 'wise' man voice

[M] Mr. Kaku - OPEN

-Deep teacher voice

[M] Mr. Suku - OPEN

-Teacher voice that's a bit overjoyed about teaching

[F] Mrs. Kotoku - OPEN

-A bit of a high pitched feminine voice

[M] Mr. Naku - OPEN

-Nerd voice

[F] Ms. Taku - OPEN

-Tomboy kind of voice

[F] Ms. Akeku - OPEN

-Feminine motherly voice

Canon Characters Edit

Sans - Ethan (OPEN for any tryouts)

Papyrus - Ethan (OPEN for any tryouts)

W.D. Gaster - OPEN 

Mettaton - OPEN 

Undyne - OPEN

Alphys - Mandy (OPEN for any tryouts)

Asriel - Haru (OPEN for any tryouts)

Flowey - Ethan (OPEN for any tryouts)

Frisk - Mandy

Chara - Alex 

Temmie - OPEN 

Asgore - OPEN 

Toriel - Haru (OPEN for any tryouts)

Monster Kid - Mandy

Napstablook - OPEN 

Muffet - Haru (OPEN for any tryouts)

Burgerpants - OPEN 

Bratty - Mandy (OPEN for any tryouts)

Catty - Haru