Basic Info Edit

Makoto Yamauchi (山内誠 Yamauchi Makoto) is the name of one of the two main characters in the comic. He is a HUMAN with a GREEN soul. He moved from Japan to Norway a year or longer prior to falling, and ended up falling into the UNDERGROUND like Frisk and other humans before him. After falling into the Underground, he is found by Toriel and later leaves the Ruins, resulting in him being chased by a gyftrot and being saved by Serana, who adopts Makoto as her brother and attempts to pass Makoto off as a familiar by fusing him with her real familiar, Comet.

Appearance Edit

Makoto is a rather young Japanese boy with tanned skin and short, choppy chestnut/raven hair. He also has emerald green eyes. When he had first fallen into the Underground, Makoto is seen wearing a dark blue and black striped shirt, along with navy blue/black shorts and tennis shoes, much like Frisk or Chara. He is sometimes seen wearing an apron (usually when cooking) and carrying around a frying pan as a weapon of defense. When fused with Comet, Makoto is shown with horns, fangs, a tail, and wings. He is also seen with grey-ish/more pale skin. He is sometimes seen wearing a school uniform to help him blend in during and sometimes after school hours, much like the other students at Arbor High such as Sai and Serana.

Personality Edit

Makoto is seen as an energetic kid. He seems to have a passion for cooking and will often be seen baking sweets or other foods. He is also seen making sushi, Japanese-style ramen, onigiri, and other 'exclusive' foods from his home, much to his new family's delight. He has a heart of pure gold, often trying to help others. Unlike Papyrus, who is naive to how the world works, Makoto is one of the more down-to-Earth characters of the comic. While Makoto is honest, he can even sometimes come off as a bit blunt or like a smartass, and will usually apologize profusely afterward for rude outbursts.

Name Edit

山内 - Yamauchi - Inside the mountain - Last name

誠 - Makoto - Truth; Sincerity; Reality - First name

Trivia Edit

-Makoto is noted to speak Norwegian, English, and Japanese fluently.

-Makoto is noted to carry an inhaler around. The reasoning is that he has asthma and can have trouble breathing if he becomes stressed.

-Mandy usually crack ships Makoto with Chara. The ship is sometimes alluded to in side comics that include the fallen humans, such as Dinner Time. However, Mandy states that Makoto X Chara is not canon since they never canonically meet outside of AUs and joke comics.