Haruka is ME!! I'm Haruka! YES HELLO!

I am the SUPER AWESOME, AMAZING illustrator of the comic!! Wooooo~!!!!!


Me cosplaying as No-Mask Zacharie

Okay, so I'm not that cool.... WH ATEVER MAN

I'm genderfluid TRASH and I enjoy reading MANGA and watching ANIME. I am an avid viewer of ONE PIECE and HUNTER x HUNTER. I have far too many HUSBANDOS, some of them being LUFFY, SANJI, GON, KILLUA, and HISOKA. I am a cosplayer of GON FREECSS, STEVEN UNIVERSE, SANJI VINSMOKE, and SEBORGA.

I can usually be contacted on Quotev at the following URLS:



Killua render 1 by mqwxii-d67w0t1

How I would like to be depicted


You can contact me on google hangouts at

AND you can contact me here.

I take commissions on Quotev, Hangouts, here, and my DeviantArt: Haruhi-Fujioka-Not

Please, if you'd like to become friends with me, DO NOT expect me to like you immediately like I like Mandy. Mandy and I met TWO YEARS AGO. You will need to exchange usual messages with me for me to befriend you. NEVER start a conversation with "Hi". I have social anxiety, this FRIGHTENS me. Try to open up a conversation like me and Mandy: ""YO HEY HOE BITCH ASS PRAISE THE LoRd wEEd SAnJI"" is an example of how I've recently stared a conversation with an IRL friend of mine, NICKKI (This is spelled right, frond just spells their name weird.).

Alrighty, so that will be all. See yalls later...


Me as Seborga