FLYING FLAVORED BUNNIES are a type of MONSTER in UNDERTALE that are based off of FLYING MINT BUNNY in HETALIA. They resemble bunnies, have wings, a horn, and are colored oddly. The Flying Flavored Bunnies (Or FFB) are often referred to as "Admin," as they are the representation of the people that work on the comic. They are known to stop time, change gender at will, and use magic to transform characters, such as during the KISSY POWER ARC. Their limitations are only caused by the ANNOYING DOG and TEMMIE.


Blu is a blue raspberry FFB who is seen as the leader of them. She is the representation of Mandy. She is light blue with a white horn.


Caramel is a caramel apple FFB who is Blu's right hand man. He is the representation of Haru. He is red with a brown strip down his back, as well as having a brown horn.


Oreo is a cookies and cream FFB who is the representation of Alex. She is primarily black and white and has a primarily white with a black tipped horn.