Dragons are a type of monster in the UNDERGROUND. they have been around for many years, ever since the monsters were sealed underground, and their tribe used to reside on Magma Beach, an area close to the magma pits of hot lands. They resided here due to their high tolerance to heat, and low tolerance to cold. They, during the war, began to feud among each other. One side wanted to join the war, whist the others didn't. This began a bloody battle between sides, and both ended up falling. the society collapsed, and only one dragon remained. a boy named Vrede. Vrede was only an egg when this occurred, and as he was attempting to hatch, his parents were slaughtered. The first thing he saw as he hatched were his parents slowly turning to dust. Now, the only two things keeping up the old dragon culture are Vrede, and the song passed down from generations, Once Upon A Dream.


Dragons usually possess fire magic, and a resistance to heat. They possess the ability to fly and use it often. They do get enraged easily, and as such, led to their downfall.


Dragons, being resistant to heat, and subjective to cold... Living in Snowdin would be impossible.. Their bones also break easily, because they are able to fly, their bones are thinner to make themselves lighter.