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Welcome to the Cosplay and Curtsy Wiki! Cosplay and Curtsy is a fan comic created by MJDOGPOUND (Writer) and DEADDAVEPRO (Illustrator) for UNDERTALE. This wiki will feature all the characters as they are added in the comic. Please, do not leave hate comments. I will block your IP.

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Cosplay and Curtsy is unfinished at the moment and still in development. I'm Haru, the illustrator, and I'll tell you anything i know, EXCEPT for the spoilers Mandy has told me are confidential.

I am Mandy, the main writer, character developer, and creator of the comic. If you have any questions or want to get involved, let me know.



Rare/Featured Monsters



Makoto Yamauchi is a young boy who grew up in Nagasaki, Japan. After moving to Norway (the place headcanonned where Mt. Ebott is), he found himself falling into Mt. Ebott. After leaving the Ruins and being pursued by a gyftrot who mistook him for somebody that pulled a prank on him, a young dog witch named Serana finds herself saving him from the gyftrot. Serana then attempts to disguise Makoto as a familiar and grows close to him.

The comic itself centralizes around the huge friend group which calls themselves the Green Hearts and sometimes deals with serious topics with a bit of mixed in comedy to prevent it from getting too depressing.

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