Arbor Isles is an island-like area where all the kids are known to go to school and hang out at.

Arbor High Edit


Early Arbor Isles Blueprints

Arbor High is a high school located on Arbor Isles, across from the Belle's Diner. Students at Arbor High are required to wear school uniforms, and so the main characters are often seen wearing one. The school uniform consists of a blazer, a white undershirt, and a red tie. Girls are required to wear plaid skirts with long white socks and dress shoes. Boys are required to wear matching pants and black dress shoes. Transgenders may wear the outfit that matches their identification, as shown with Doffy wearing a female uniform. Despite its strict appearance, the school is actually pretty lenient.

Belle's Diner Edit

Belle's Diner, originally known as the Foliage Café, is a café located on Arbor Isles, across from Arbor High. It's a common meeting place among the students at Arbor High and serves lots of food and drinks, including baked goods and coffee.

Tree of Soil Edit

The Tree of Soil is a tree located between the Foliage Café and Arbor High. It's also the tree that Serana was born from. It's large and resembles a Japanese red maple tree. After Makoto came to the Underground, it was used for students to put wishes on.