Basic Information Edit

Aku Akeku ( アク・アケク Aku Akeku) is the name of a main character in the main friend group. She is a citizen of the UNDERGROUND and resides in A HOUSE WITH HER MOTHER, though she often spends nights at Sai's house. Aku is a FEMALE BLUE JAY monster with a WHITE soul. She serves as the MUSCLE of the group and is BISEXUAL. She is Sai's GIRLFRIEND, and quite a protective one. she is the daughter of the ART TEACHER, MS. AKEKU. She is quite sarcastic and is PESCETARIAN.

Appearance Edit

Aku is depicted as having traditional blue-jay like marks. She has oceanic blue eyes, and Blue hair, with her bangs dyed pink to rebel against her conservative mother. She tends to wear mass amounts of mascara. She is usually depicted without her blazer, and wear heels instead of school regulated shoes.

Personality Edit

Aku is most clearly the rebellious type, and enjoys teasing Duncan, but does, in fact, care for him as a friend. She was abandoned by her father when she was very young, but she tries to stay strong and never let it get to her. She tends to keep the group on her toes, and is quite sassy.

Abilities Edit

Aku possesses wind and fire magic and can bring up tornadoes as an "Ultimate attack". Her soul weapon is a whip.

Specific attack list:

Colors of the Wind: This attack will blind the enemy

Broken Breeze: This attack is a highly defensive move with the purpose of pushing an attack back to the enemy.

Summer Air: This attack sets the air to fire for 30 seconds. It will cause Aku to pass out after using it.

Cool Whip: This attack utilizes her whip and causes her to move so quickly that you can trace the movements of the whip. you can, however, feel it.

Stormy Weather: Confidential

Concept art for Aku's battle sprite.


Humantale! Aku and Sai in the style of Kill La Kill